Olivia Odiwe Colorful Portraits


During my daily blogging, I came upon a talented London artist  named Olivia Odiwe, who captures the impact of legendary and contemporary music artists, athletes, and historical figures with a well executed combination of abstract art and eye-catching colors. Above are 6 examples that I found particularly special. Not only is Odiwe’s art beautiful, but it also has symbolic meanings. For example, Odiwe’s Jay-Z portrait presents an incomplete face, symbolizing Hov’s ever-changing career. Odiwe’s growing portfolio makes her an artist to keep an eye out for, as we are excited to see her grow as an artist.

Source: Complex







Summer 2014?


I honestly believe I have one of the best jobs in the world, owning a clothing company can be so fun but yet very stressful at the same time. Throughout no matter what happens, I try to deliver you guys the best quality out there. We are currently in preparation for Summer 2014 Collection so stay tuned for more and make sure to follow our social media!